Ottershaw & Hamm Moor

Sunday, 31 May 2009
Ottershaw & Hamm Moor, Surrey
Butler XI 181 for 9 (B Mack 61, S McCormack 44) Ottershaw 182 for 4 (T Maby 2-24, J Weymes 2-25). Ottershaw & Hamm Moor win by 6 wickets.

This felt like a match where we played well, made a fair bag of runs, but just couldn’t make enough breakthroughs with our bowling to challenge them properly. Brian played his typical patient, resourceful, cultured innings, while Steve too looked as though he could post a seriously big score, but outside those two, barely anyone struggled into double figures. Their best bowler (Hammond) kept shocking us with lifting, darting deliveries which only Brian and Steve knew how to handle.

Once we came out to bowl, our best efforts disappeared at 6, 8 or 10 an over, so despite a couple of wickets each from James and Tim, it was curtains before long. Still, an enjoyable day out in the country and some swashbuckling strokes from our two key swordsmen.

Man of the Match: 
Brian, showing us how to do it
Champagne Moment: 
David Burrow’s catch, running hard and taking the ball over his shoulder
Bad Behaviour Award: 
David Nicholson, bowling a 45 degree wide to lose the game.

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