Brook CC

Sunday, 26 July 2009
Brook, Surrey
Details: Brook CC 182 (A Reddy 3-32, S Sharples, 3-29, J Weymes 2-37) Butler XI 184 for 6 (A Reddy 46 not out, G Wiid 40, S Taylor 35). Butler XI win by 4 wickets.

For some years, this has been the grudge fixture of the season, with Brook fielding their overseas professional and a team of youthful, ultra-competitive players who would rather skin their grandmother alive than give you the benefit of an LB decision.

Imagine our surprise, then, when a team of 50 and even 60-somethings pitched up in late July and hobbled uncertainly onto the field. This, it turned out, was Brook Strollers, rather than the team of legend, switched to play us following rancorous scenes in 2008 involving certain Irish-Malaysians.

Still, they were no push over, at least for our team of 40 and 50-somethings (plus a sprinkling of youth). Apart from one innings of 49, we mowed through them at a steady rate, with Andy Sharples taking some key middle order wickets and Gilly Wiid and James Weymes bowling accurate, teasing, awkward balls for over after over (this was a timed game), until Akshay tidied up their tail with a late flourish.

Batting honours went to Sam Taylor, Gily Wiid and Akshay, who between them smacked 130 of our 184 total, giving us a rare and very satisfying win in soaking conditions. The wags set up camp, literally. They sat in a tent on the upper slopes with Remy and Raffy Nicholson, dry, happy and well entertained by the action below.

Man of the Match: 
Akshay, smelling of class
Champagne Moment: 
Sam Taylor’s huge sixes
Bad Behaviour Award: 
Graham Crabb, absent without leave, saying his Rover had stopped working. What did he expect?

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