Harpsden CC

Sunday, 16 August 2009
Harpsden, Oxfordshire
Butler XI 135 (Mike Bowen 25, Tucker Sorrell 24, Tim Maby 24) Harpsden 137 for no wicket. Harpsden win by 10 wickets.

Lovely ground, lovely people, terrible result. Harpsden either runs an excellent youth training policy or benefits from some other local system because their athleticism, skills and dedication to wiping the floor with the opposition are rare indeed.
This was one of the stronger Butler XI sides this season, but even in-form players like Sam Taylor found themselves stymied by terrific fielding (he was run out, as was Mike Bowen), fast and accurate bowling (they clean-bowled five of us) and an all-round purposeful brand of cricket which had us for breakfast. Tim Maby’s wise old head kept him at the crease for longer than anyone else.

In reply to our 135, it took Harpsden just 21 overs to reach the total, without loss (except to our dignity and bowling averages). They gamely offered us a beer match to make up the spare time, which they won just as convincingly. Even more gamely, they then offered us a free barbeque since it was someone’s birthday. Seldom has a burger been less deserved.

Man of the Match: 
Tim Maby
Champagne Moment: 
Tucker’s big six up the slope
Bad Behaviour Award: 

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